1. I was “Bakered” at Wellington Regional Hospital and held under guard for 5 days. I was told I had no rights, could not make any phone calls or even take a shower. I was warehoused in a back area of the ER with guards. Nurses came in only to take my blood pressure once a day. I was fed a diet of about 900 cal a day of mostly plain, unseasoned, cold steamed rice and vegetables. I was told lie after lie, “Your sister hasn’t called.” “If you try to leave, the police will get you and you will be strapped to the table.” No one did a health history, asked about my medications, or showed any interest in me at all. I found out later that “Joy,” case manager, told my sister that I was suicidal and wanted to stay there. My sister knew that couldn’t be true, so she came and physically removed me in my johnny. No one stopped us. Funny about that.
    Its going to take a long time to heal from this kidnapping; no one should ever have to go through this.

  2. I was involuntarily Baker Acted last year in Aug 2015. I was physically ill during this time period and was very anxious and stressed because I have always been a very healthy person and I did not know what was wrong with me. I was determined to figure out what was causing my illness and get a proper diagnosis and treatment so I made the mistake of visiting several doctors to no avail. This further increased my anxiety and subsequently I was Baker Acted by the Veterans Administration Clinic. After my release, I eventually found competent medical care and was properly diagnosed and treated for 5 PHYSICAL medical conditions. During my stay at the mental facility I was very sick physically but had to PRETEND everything was alright even though I was in much pain. When I tried to tell the psychiatrist that Baker Acted me that I was in pain, she told me, “Depression causes pain”. I made the mistake of telling her I couldn’t eat or sleep because of the pain. I was crying because I felt no one was listening. l had a 20 lb weight loss in the course of a month. She Baker Acted me under the clause “I was unable to take care of myself”. I never once said I had any intentions of hurting myself or others. I was supposed to pick up my children from a neighbor that was watching them that evening. My cell phone was confiscated and I was transported to Florida Hospital Emergency Room and remained there until 2am until I was transferred to the Mental Ward. I was told I would be able to see the doctor first thing in the morning. The doctor didn’t arrive to the facility until 8pm the next day. After I waited in line to see him, I didn’t even say a word and he told me he already made a decision to hold me another day. The next day when I saw him, he wanted to prescribe me anti-psychotic medication with dangerous side effects. He spoke to me no more than 5-10 minutes. Thankfully, I was smart enough to refuse the medication but then the nurses were telling me if I don’t comply with the doctor’s orders, my “competency” can be removed.

    I was released after the 72 hours and was billed for my stay. Since this time I have had my medical conditions diagnosed and treated. I had 3 rounds of antibiotics and 2 surgeries to correct the problems.

    My question to you is, what do you think my odds are of fighting this legally? I was not mentally ill at the time of my admission, and I have documented medical proof of my physical conditions. I have very good medical insurance and I can’t help but think the hospital held me longer for their financial gain. This whole ordeal was very traumatic for me and due to my profession if this information ever got back to them my job would be jeopardy.

    It is so hard to find a lawyer that will even touch these cases because the hospitals are so protected legally. I don’t want to dole out a boatload of money for a lawyer only to wind up losing even more time and money.

    What I experienced was wrong. When I was at the facility what I saw others experiencing was also wrong. People were being over medicated just so it would be easier on the staff. You have no rights or voice when you are being detained like that. They basically could do whatever they want to you and it would always be your word (a crazy person) versus the word of so-called trained professionals.

    I was wondering if there is any recourse at all? Thank-you so much for taking the time to read this.

  3. Your knowledge and assistance is invaluable. It is difficult enough already trying to help someone with mental illness but when you add legal issues, rights, and violations it feels impossible to handle. This organization is such an amazing resource and the information and help provided here is appreciated greatly. Thank you.

  4. laurie is a wonderful lady with the conviction and knowledge of the blatent misuse of the baker act law in the screwed,up arena of the family court system in florida. people don’t need weapons to destroy other peoples lives. they can simply make a phone call to the police, who have no training in this field and ruin that now a victims life.im a 67 yr old educated successful man that is a victim of this I hope to be an advocate like laurie.

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