The Baker Act–You Do Have Rights

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If you or a loved one has been Baker Acted, you do have rights!

There are specific criteria for the Baker Act. Release from Florida involuntary commitment?
Unfortunately, many people are often, falsely, committed against their will.
When you have the facts, you can assert your rights.
Call and speak with an experienced Mental Health Rights Advocate
  • Find out what you can do!
  • Right to decline medication!
  • Right to hire an attorney!
  • Right to find out why your loved one is being held for 72 hours or more!


  1. As a licensed clinical social worker in Maine, I was appalled at learning my fellow clinical social worker was held at Kennedy Psychiatric Hospital in West Palm Beach, FL some 2 years or so ago. Her commitment was initiated by yet another friend also a clinical social worker. My committed friend was led to believe she had no rights.

    She wasn’t released after the initial 72 hours as staff believed she was suicidal despite her protestations that this was not true. Now several years later, she just unwound enough to consider psychiatric help for anxiety and insomnia. Her fear of the psychiatric profession was outstanding post the frightening hospitalization at the Kennedy Psy. hospital.
    How can I find out more about this barbaric system?
    Jane Fairchild, LCSW Maine

    • You are welcome to call our hotline today and we will go over with you any facts and information that may be of help to your friend. 727-688-1852

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