Coronavirus 2020 and the Baker Act

During this difficult time of the Coronavirus, while we have all been experiencing more stress than usual and we have had many restrictions placed into our daily lives, it is extremely challenging for a family to find their loved one being held under the Baker Act.  Due to the Coronavirus, there has been no visitation allowed in hospitals across the state.  This presents challenges for the patients held under the Baker Act and for the family of the patient.  The ability for the family to provide oversight and to ensure that their loved one is okay, is nearly impossible.

Yet, if the family knows the language of the Baker Act law and the specific parts of the law that protect their rights and their loved one’s rights, they still can assert those rights to the facility personnel.  It is vital to provide oversight while your loved one is held in a psychiatric hold for at least 72 hours.  Mental Health Rights Advocacy nonprofit has been taking calls from families throughout the Coronavirus crisis and those families have been able to help their loved one and to ensure the law is followed.  The Baker Act law does provide protection for the patient and the family.