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Mental Health Rights – About Us

This site offers mental health rights information and experienced advocate assistance. Mental Health Rights Advocacy, Inc., is a nonprofit Florida public-benefit organization that provides information on basic human rights. That includes rights regarding Florida’s involuntary commitment law and the FDA warnings on mental health medication. We provide information on medical research and documentation on medical physical testing to determine underlying physical causes that maybe predisposing unwanted mental health symptoms. Our Advocacy group provides information to parents on their and their child's rights in terms of the school system and mental health. We are also advocates for the elderly and campaign to prevent elder abuse.


By calling our nonprofit hotline, we can help secure your patient rights to receive full factual information regarding mental health. Our mental Health Hotline assists individuals when they need information on their mental health rights, or when there has been mental health abuse, illegal coercion or damaging treatment. Our experienced mental health advocates routinely help prevent abuse in the area of mental health by documenting and reporting abuse when it occurs and seeking to rectify and eradicate its continued occurrence through appropriate administrative reports, civil and criminal judicial action, broad media and/or legislative action.

Hotline for Abuse – Information on Alternative Mental Health Care – Baker Act – Parent/Child Mental Health Rights

We offer the mental health advocacy line for denied human and legal mental health rights. We additionally provide a list of medical professionals who are specialists in mental health and who offer medical testing, correct diagnosis and alternatives to harmful or coercive treatment. We offer to file complaints to the appropriate state agencies, if relevant. We offer information and assistance on the Baker Act, Baker Act abuse, Baker Act criteria, Baker Act advocacy, Baker Act rights, and where to find a Baker Act Lawyer. We offer information and assistance in the areas of parents’ rights, children’s rights and children’s mental health. Child mental health has much to do with schools and mental health medications. Most parents are unaware that there is a Florida and Federal law that prohibits school personnel from coercing parents to medicate their child. We empower Parents with knowledge of their rights to make self determined decisions in the raising of their children when dealing with the mental health field.


The hotline offers information about elders’ rights, abuse of the elderly, protecting the elderly, elderly and mental health. Too often our elder Florida residents are put in a position where their right to decide on their own well being is surpassed by the mental health community. Adult children are left with the problem of how to help their elder parent regain their dignity and self -sufficiency.

Risks of Psychiatric Drugs and Alternatives

By law, the right to Informed Consent, assures every Floridian the right to know the risks and alternatives of psychotropic drugs (mental health drugs) and to have the FDA warnings on psychotropics. The FDA warnings on psychotropic drugs, and the risks of psychotropics (psychiatric drugs), are rarely known by the individual who is taking them. By law, the physician is supposed to provide this information on psychiatric drug warnings, yet nearly100% of the time, Floridians are denied this information and are unaware of the alternatives to psychiatric drugs.

There are many medical professionals throughout the state and throughout the country who specialize in the alternatives to mental health drugs. Mental Health Rights Advocacy, Inc. can provide a list of these professionals for you to speak with, so that you can discuss your specific situation.

Mental health advocacy, and mental health help, is about getting the facts that relate to you and your concerns. Help with mental health is a phone call away. Our nonprofit is servicing all of Florida.

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The Problem and The Solution:

The problem with mental health "treatment" is there are no medical tests that evidence mental illness much less its cause. This is combined with a singular reliance on mental health drugs with severe side effects like potential violent behavior, suicidal idealization and permanent nerve disorder. These drugs form the "treatment" model for a book of mental illnesses established not by science but by vote. With large Pharma Companies forming the financial impetuous of the current mental health system, a conflict of interest can join a lack of factual information provided to the public on the potential consequences and basis of psychiatric drug and shock treatment. When damaging treatment is compelled by force or lack of valid informed consent a harbor of recourse is necessary to deter oppression. Therefore the need for mental health rights and advocacy groups to campaign for those rights and provide factual information directly to the consumer so that they may make informed decisions for the betterment of their lives.